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At Eagle Armory, Inc., with a focus on AR-15, we stock many parts and accessories from manufacturers such as; B5 Systems, Blackhawk, Bushmaster, Butler Creek, Command Arms, CMMG, Colt, D&H Tactical, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Ergo, Hogue, KNS Precision, Lancer Systems, LMT, Magpul, Rock River Arms, Smith & Wesson, Southern Bloomer, Springfield, Stag Arms, Timney Triggers, Troy Industries, UTG, YHM and more.

One of the easiest to customize rifles on the market today, the AR-15 has quickly become the rifle of choice by many in the USA.  Whether the purpose of your AR-15 is for plinking, home defense, competition or if you use it in the performance of your job, the options are limitless on how you can customize YOUR AR-15 to fit your preference and needs.  From the muzzle break to the buttstock and every part in between, there are many options for each part.

Enhanced single stage trigger kits to two stage trigger kits, we probably have a trigger kit in stock that will help you make better shots.

When it comes to a new stock for your AR-15, there are 100’s of choices on the market today.  Combine that with the color options of many of them and there are almost too many options.  Rock River Arms offers quite a few different stock designs, from their entry stock, A2 stock, Operator A2, CAR Operator and Delta CAR stocks.

Stag Arms offers their Mil-spec stock kit, an A2 stock kit and the mil-spec stock kit that is pinned from the factory, so if you live in a state like New Jersey, New York and a few other places, this stock gives you the look and feel of an adjustable stock except it will not move.

We stock AR-15 magazines in 10 round, 20 round and 30 round capacities.  There are magazines made from aluminum, stainless steel and polymer.