AR0074K Rock River Arms AR-15 A2 Stock Kit

Rock River Arms AR0074K


from Rock River Arms is a complete A2 stock kit.  It will work with any standard AR-15 lower receiver from any manufacturer.  It includes the A2 stock body, a rifle buffer tube, buffer spring and buffer. The buttpad has a pretty aggressive texture to help provide a firm surface when shouldering your AR-15.

AR0074K A2 stock kit rra

Rock River Arms AR0074K features a trap door on the rear of the stock, you can add an optional weight to the stock body.  It also has a sling loop so you are ready to go if you run a sling on your AR-15.  The stock body is gray, but I have read where some people oil them to make it a darker color.  I have not done that, so I can not tell you if or how well it works.

AR0074K A2 Stock Kit

This A2 stock installs like any other A2 stock and is great for hunters, precision shooters and those who live in areas where they restrict adjustable stocks.