B5 Systems Bravo Stock Mil-Spec AR-15 Stock

If you like the profile of the SOPMOD stock, but are looking for a stock that is more affordable.  B5 Systems bravo stock may fit the bill.  To cut down on cost, the two storage areas have been removed.  The cheek weld is very similar to the SOPMOD.

The B5 Systems BRAVO stock maintains the SOPMOD’s cheek weld, one piece anti-rotational QD swivel mount, no slip cushioned buttpad, and improved suregrip stock latch. The BRAVO omits the SOPMOD’s storage capability and angles the rear of the buttstock ensuring consistent stock placement against the shoulder and cheek.

Stock body only, does not include mil-spec buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring, and plate or castle nut.  So make sure your AR-15 has a mil-spec buffer tube or pick one up where ever you buy your B5 bravo stock.

B5 Systems Bravo Stock Black, B5-1082


This photo shows the side of the


B5 systems bravo stock B5-1082

This photo shows the other side of the bravo stock.

B5 systems bravo sopmod stock B5-1082

This photo shows a view from the back of the stock.

b5 systems bravo sopmod stock blackB51082

The last photo shows the front angle of the B5 Systems Bravo stock where the two compartments are removed.

B5-1082 b5 systems bravo stock mil-spec

B5 Systems Bravo Stock FDE B5-1085

If you prefer, these stocks can also be had in flat dark earth.  Identical to the Bravo stock above, just in FDE instead of black The

is packed with the same features.

b5 systems barvo stock fde B5-1085

These B5 Systems Bravo stock are definitely worth the look if you are in the market for a new stock for your existing AR-15 or if you are building one.