B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock AR-15 Mil-Spec

With the introduction of the enhanced B5 systems SOPMOD AR-15 Mil-spec stock, there is now a more affordable SOPMOD stock available.  Note, these will ONLY fit MIL-SPEC diameter buffer tubes.  They are now starting to offer more colors than when they first started making them.


The SOPMOD stock was originally developed by NSWC-Crane for use with SOCOM’s. SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar Modification) M4A1 carbines. B5 systems, a well known defense and aerospace contractor, was selected in 2009 to supply the US Army with SOPMOD stocks. These quality stocks are now available on the commercial market. Featuring sloped sides for a superior cheek weld, two watertight battery storage compartments, and a tight fit on mil-spec carbine receiver extension tubes.


  • Improved cheek weld for better shooting position.
  • Two watertight battery storage compartments.
  • Padded rubber buttplate reduces felt recoil and provides no-slip surface against web-gear and body armor.

Dual quick-detach, anti rotational sling swivel sockets. (sling swivel NOT included)

B5 Systems SOPMOD stock B5-1074 Black

The photo below is of the side view of the

B5-1074 enhanced sopmod stock black mil-spec

The next photo is just of the other side of the B5 Systems SOPMOD stock

B5-1074 b5 systems enhanced sopmod stock

The next photo is a shot of the rear of the B5-1074 enhanced SOPMOD stock.


B51074 enhanced sopmod stock

The last photo shows the front of the stock and its two battery tubes.


B51074 enhanced sopmod stock

B5 Systems SOPMOD stock B5-1075 FDE

The photo below is of the side of the


B5-1075 b5 systems sopmod stock fde

The B5 Systems SOPMOD stock is certainly worth a look if you are in the market for a SOPMOD stock for your AR 15.