Discreet Gun Case AR 15

Discreet Gun Case AR 15

Sometimes you either want or need a discreet gun case. There are many ordinary cases that will serve the purpose of a discreet gun case. Guitar cases, tripod cases, golf club bags and many more, just use your imagination. Keep in mind that it is best to have a low key bag, you do not want a discreet gun case that screams “expensive tool or item inside”.
discreet guitar gun case

I chose a simple, affordable electric guitar bag. I picked it up at my local guitar shop for less than $40.00. This particular case features shoulder straps and a few extra pockets that I can store extra AR-15 magazines in and even a pocket that I can store an extra handgun and some magazines for it too.

discreet gun case ar 15  closed

The picture below shows the case open with an AR-15 inside. This particular AR-15 has a 16 inch barrel and a collapsible stock, though I think an AR-15 with an A2 stock would fit in this case too. You could also get an electric bass case as it is a little tall so a longer AR-15 rifle may fit it better.

discreet gun case ar-15

This next picture below shows the first of two lower pockets that I can store a couple of loaded 30 round AR 15 magazines in.

discreet gun case ar 15 magazines

This next picture shows a second pouch behind the one show in the above picture. In this pouch, I can easily store a full size XDM 4.5, any other full size or compact handgun would fit too. There is even room to store a loaded double magazine pouch for that handgun too.

discreet gun case ar 15

On this guitar case, there is also a pocket at the top of the case. I can store 4 30 round AR-15 magazines in there too.

Discreet Gun Case AR 15

One thing to note, this is an electric guitar/ electric bass case. It’s interior is only 2 or 3 inches thick so there is no need to have to cut foam to hold the rifle in place. If you go with an acoustic guitar case or a violin case, those will need to have some foam inside to help keep your weapon from moving around too much.