Hogue 15020 AR-15 Grip with Beavertail and Finger Grooves

Hogue 15020 AR-15 Grip

The Hogue 15020 AR-15 grip has the same feel and finger grooves as the Hogue 15000 grip. The

adds a beavertail to the grip for a little extra comfort when shooting. It also adds a small piece that will help fill in the gap where the trigger guard meets the grip area. This area can sometimes cause some shooters a bit of irritation while shooting.

Hogue 15020 ar-15 grip

Hogue 15020 AR-15 Grip with Beavertail and Finger Grooves

The Hogue 15020 has a similar grip texture that many of their other grips share.  It is not overly aggressive, but just enough to allow a good, firm grip.

Hogue 15020 for sale

In the photo above, you can see the small piece that will help to fill the gap at the rear of the trigger guard.  You can also see the textured area a little better.  This grip is also compatible with the Hogue cargo management system (15090) available separately.  The system may not fit some older grips.

The Hogue 15020 is a popular grip upgrade for many AR-15 shooters.  Grip choice is more of a personal choice, but the Hogue 15020 may fit the bill for your next AR-15 grip.

There are literally hundreds of AR-15 grips on the market. Different shapes, sizes, colors and other features. At times, it may seem like a bit much, but the grip is the place you get the best grip on the weapon, so it needs to first and foremost fit your hand and be comfortable. Color and appearance can be a secondary consideration if you actually plan on shooting your weapon.