Rock River Arms LAR-8 Predator HP 308A1530


is chambered .308/7.62×51.  The Predator HP is one of the best selling AR-10 type 308 AR’s.  The 308A1530 can be customized if ordered directly from the manufacturer, though do not be surprise if you are quoted 6 to 8 month lead times.

rock river arms lar-8 predator hp 308A1530

We typically stock the Rock River Arms LAR-8 Predator HP in its basic configuration, which includes Rock River Arms aluminum free floated handguard, black Hogue grip, one 20 round magazine and a standard A2 buttstock.  The LAR-8 all use FAL/Metric mags and L1A1/Inch Mags.  If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that they went this route because when they were developing the LAR-8 the was the threat of magazine limits.  Since the FAL/L1A1 mags have been around for ever, the thinking was there was already a good supply of magazine available for use in the LAR-8 rifles.