Springfield Armory XD sub compact 40 cal XD9802HCSP06

The Springfield Armory XD sub compact 40 packs a lot of features into a small, easy to carry package.  The XD sub compact can be had in 9mm, 40 S&W or 45 ACP.  The XD9802HCSP06 is chambered for the popular 40 caliber S&W cartridge.

This Springfield Armory XD Sub Compact 40 Caliber pistol with black frame has a 3″ Barrel. The

ships with 1 flush fit 9 Round Magazine & 1 extended 12 Round Magazine w/grip sleeve.  With the introduction of the XD (Extreme Duty) line of pistols, Springfield has developed the most feature packed polymer frame pistol in the world.  A grip safety, tactical light rail, and loaded chamber indicator are only a few of the XD’s unique features.  With a smooth trigger and the superb accuracy you expect from Springfield, a few minutes on the range is all you need to discover your new favorite polymer pistol.  All Springfield pistols are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The photo below shows the XD9802HCSP06 with the extended magazine inserted, essentially giving this Springfield Armory XD sub compact 40 a full size grip.

XD9802HCSP06 Springfield armory xd sub compact 40

The next photo is just a different angle of the 40 cal XD9802HCSP06 with the extended magazine inserted.


The last photo shows the three dot white sights this gun is equipped with.  If you prefer night sights or some other style, these are easily change out to what you prefer.

XD9802HCSP06Do not be fooled by the comparative low price on the XD line of pistols, they are a quality firearm with a lot of features.  The XD9802HCSP06 would make a great concealed carry gun for men or women.