Springfield XD 9mm Subcompact XD9801HCSP06

The Springfield XD 9mm subcompact has a 3 inch barrel, takes a flush fit 10 round magazine and also will accept a 16 round extended magazine that uses a grip sleeve to fill the gap around the bottom of the magazine to give you a full size grip.  The

XD Pistol has a minimal recoil, outstanding accuracy and is dependable which is what you expect from Springfield Armory (Springfield Inc). Made of fine quality materials and modern day craftsmanship the Springfield XD 9mm subcompact pistol has fast shot to shot recovery that does not affect the accuracy. Easy to use with natural pointability the Springfield XD 9mm Subcompact Pistol has the Ultra Safety Assurance (U.S.A.) action trigger system making this a comfortable and safe pistol to put in your arsenal.



In the photo above, you can see the Springfield XD 9mm subcompact with the 10 round flush fit magazine installed.  You can also see the one position rail section that you could use to mount a white light or even a laser unit.  You can also see the rear grip safety, similar to those found on 1911 pistols.  The trigger bar safety is also visible in the above photo.

In the photo below, you can see the XD 9 mm subcompact with the full sized 16 round 9mm magazine installed with the grip sleeve, it will give you the feel of a full size grip.

XD9801HCSP06 xd 9mm subcompact

The magazine release is ambidextrous, you can work the button from either side without having to install the mag release on one side or the other.  At the time of this post, these ship with the XD Gear system.  It includes one 10 round magazine, one 16 round magazine with sleeve, magazine loader, double magazine pouch, holster black plastic case, owners manual and a cable lock.