Troy BattleMag AR15 Magazine 30 Rnd

30 Round Troy BattleMag AR-15 Magazine

The Troy BattleMag 30 Round AR-15 Magazine SMAG-SIN-00BT-00 features an anti-tilt follower and feed lips that are reinforced for strength. A bolstered floor plate is set flush on the

so that it will not catch on other magazines when pulled from a pouch. It also includes a pull tab that can be placed on the base plate of the magazine to aid in magazine removal. The Troy magazine is as sleek as it is strong. Operators will save crucial seconds when executing magazine changes.

You can see in the photo below that the Troy BattleMag has a pretty slim profile for a polymer magazine. The sides of the magazine body are pretty smooth, but on the front and back of the magazine there is pretty aggressively textured.

The Troy BattleMag is engineered to function flawlessly with all M4, M16/AR15 & HK416®. It comes with flush and shock absorbing extended floor plate.

In the photo below, you can see the magazine from a different angle. It shows a better shot of the textured areas of the magazine and the slim floor plate of the mag.

troy battlemag SMAGSIN00BT00

Troy BattleMag

These mags have been around for awhile now and you really do not hear of any problems out of them. I have run a couple in some of my AR-15’s and so far I have not had any issues.